Writing, a passion of mine!

I would like to transmit to you how I feel right now.

Excited. Motivated. Really nervous. Happy. Extremely proud of myself.

Hi, I hope you’re doing great, and if not, I hope that reading my story would relief you a little bit and for some minutes distract you from your daily activities.

My name is Kassandra and for the first time I got the courage to do something that I dreamt about for so so so soooo long ago. And today I’m beyond happy to share it with you.

Yes, writing, writing is a passion of mine. I don’t consider myself as a writer itself, I just love to write. It gives me that fire, that burst in my soul that lights up and fills me with an indescribable joy.

Love. It also makes me feel so much more loved, more alive than ever. I don’t know if it makes any sense, but in life sometimes the senseless things, leads us to marvelous experiences.

As I’m typing right now I admit that some tears came out and also a very big smile, from ear to ear.

You should now that for many years I lived terrified. It terrified me the idea of sharing this dream of mine with all of you. And yes, now that I read it too, I know it sounds so silly, I know. And don’t misunderstand me, I’m still a little afraid, but the difference now is that I went through it, I DID IT! I stopped being paralyzed over my own fear and I hope you can feel it too, but I feel so much better, so relief, so happy, so many so’s…

In this uncertain times we can feel extremely overwhelmed and attracted to negative emotions and situations that doesn’t helps us nor makes us feel better and we aren’t always in the best shape to stay positive, motivated and with a good energy, even if we really what to be there.

Therefore, I have a proposal for you. We will meet us here every Thursday to disconnect for a moment from our daily routine, work, chores, kids, procrastination, loneliness, illness, whatever you need to disconnect to and just have a good time, clear your mind, relax, recharge energies, re focus and just decompress for a moment. So, you and I can recharge our batteries, continue our day with a big smile, feeling happier, with more energy and love in our hearts.

I’m deeply grateful for you to have taken the time of readying my first note, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Fear doesn’t go away; we make it our friend. We take it by the hand, take a deep breath and we jump. Even if getting out of our comfort zone is unnerving, it’s extremely worth it.

Have an excellent day,

Lots of love,